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Recent News and Activities

Circulo de Amigas has been busy at work in 2017 with a number of activities that provided services to our students and the local community through various Nicaraguan partnerships and government agencies.

First off, the Center for Studies and Social Promotion (CEPS), supplied our students along with other schools brand new backpacks to kick off the new school year.

These supplies are an essential part of the student support so that no one is disadvantaged when it comes to education. To reinforce this support, the Circulo de Amigas Foundation provides tutoring and a library where our students can develop their academic skills.

Early in the year, Circulo de Amigas, in collaboration with CEPS, hosted a teacher workshop to give local teachers new tools and resources to make classroom learning more dynamic.

Students are always thrilled to receive new school supplies courtesy of CEPS.

Workshops like these are an integral part of our education program.

We have also continued our outreach to families of our students and this year our center held a workshop (photo below) for parents of sponsored students to teach them effective communication skills to strengthen their relationships with their daughters.

Volunteers are always welcome to Jinotega. In March of this year, Connie Sutton, the treasurer of Circulo de Amigas Foundation, paid a short visit to Nicaragua. She was thrilled to meet most of the girls and review operations at the center. Connie had sponsored a student, Wilda, who recently graduated from the university with a degree in natural resources.

Left to right: Wilda (our new graduate) with her mother, Connie Sutton, Fany Morales (our director) and another student.

We continue to grow our program to help more students and their families throughout the entire Jinotega community.

Help us increase our positive reach and consider sponsoring a student today!


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