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COVID-19 Update

We are aware that Nicaragua has just reported its first cases of COVID-19 and we are in close contact with our staff on the ground in Jinotega to monitor the situation. Accordingly, until further notice, our center in Jinotega will be closed to visitors from the U.S.

Our staff in Nicaragua will make any decisions on whether to close the community center. They are our best resource for how to deal with this evolving situation on the ground. For now, they are limiting the community center and library to small groups of students and ensuring that distancing and proper hand-washing is done by everyone who comes in.

For sponsors, know that our sponsorships should not be interrupted and your students will continue to get this much needed support.

We hope that during this time, we can reflect on how grateful we are to have this global community of friends, how we have worked to take care of each other from a distance for many years now, and will continue to do so in times of crisis.



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