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As a volunteer-run organization, we are dependent on the passionate folks who dedicate themselves to our cause.  We’re enthusiastic about adding new people to our group and volunteering takes many forms. 


From generating new sponsors to selling handicrafts created by women in our Nicaraguan community, we can use your time and energy!

Explore your volunteer opportunities below and contact us to get involved today!

Volunteers can help in a number of ways and the size of the project depends on your interest and time commitment. We have needs in education, recreation, health, and community center development. Here are some examples of what volunteers have done in the past:

  • Reading and instruction on the patio

  • Basic English education

  • Math tutoring

  • Field trips to the zoo, coffee plantation or Rainforest park

  • A hike up the ridge

  • Community rooftop repair

  • Create a baseball equipment and tool lending library

  • Swimming and coastal beach field trip 

  • Videography and movie creation

  • Dental hygiene

Some projects may require some additional funding and in-country support. Often volunteers take charge of fundraising as well as managing the project for a week or two in Nicaragua.


Please contact us to set up your visit to the Círculo de Amigas Community Center.

Volunteer in Nicaragua

While donations and sponsorships are essential to our existence, the foundation does not run without volunteers. All of our board members, officers and task teams are volunteers.


Volunteer activities may include:

  • Fundraising

  • Speaking Engagements

  • Grant Writing

  • Social Media Promotion

  • IT Development

  • Special Programs for in-country Development

If you would like to help out with your own innovative ideas, please contact us. We can help develop and provide flyers, powerpoints and any material to support you in promoting Círculo de Amigas.


Contact us today to volunteer!

Volunteer in the U.S.

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