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CdA Girls Map Jinotega for Global Database

A couple of years ago when visiting CdA, I enlisted the assistance of girls and boys associated with Circulo de Amigas to help in a novel mapping project for Jinotega. The aim was to map points of interest in their barrio and see the differences in what each group considered to be important. As it turns out there are indeed gender differences in mapping.

The results of this study were brought to the attention of international mapping services and was reported at several international conferences. All stakeholders, male and female, need to be involved in mapping so that no one is excluded from participating in the sharing of information on maps.

Yamilet Rivera, a CdA tutor, instructing the girls on the mapping project.

Projects like this can be coordinated through our tutors and volunteers so that the girls we support can participate in activities that have a global impact. These programs can stimulate early interest in the sciences and math and show that with a little support the girls of Circulo de Amigas have the ability to make a difference beyond their borders.

-Mike Kozuch

A summary of the research can be found here.


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