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Capacity Development comes to CdA

This November-2016, Circulo de Amigas (CdA) in Jinotega was host to a series of events that help to develop an understanding of health and education issues that affect women and their daughters.

The first even was an informative event geared specifically for mothers and daughters in the community on the hazards, detection and prevention of cervical cancer. This talk was presented in coordination with the Ministry of Health in Jinotega, CdA. CdA has developed strong ties with the ministry and occasionally extends these outreach programs to the entire neighborhood.

Informal talk on cervical cancer by the Ministry of Health on the CdA premises.

A few days later, CdA hosted a focus group with parents of the girls that we sponsor to exchange ideas on the quality of education and the responsibilities of both the students and parents. This program was coordinated with CEPS to help with capacity development for all the local stakeholders.

This discussion was important because the parents and students could reflect on the importance of their roll in the education of their children.

- Fany Morales, Circulo de Amigas Program Director.


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