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2017 Summer Fundraiser

Our yearly fundraising effort is now in full swing.

We had a wonderful year with 9 girls graduating from several universities in May and June. This is a great testament to our program and to the girls who are motivated enough to stick with it as well as to their sponsors who have supported them for so long.

While we are proud of our new graduates, we also need to keep in mind that it is imperative to maintain the same (or higher) level of sponsorship within Circulo de Amigas so that the effective cost per student remains sustainable.

Roughly 1/2 of the sponsorship money goes to support our tutors, librarian, guards, and maintenance costs of the community center. This infrastructure is critical to the success of our program in addressing the needs of the girls.

Given the large number of graduates requires everyone to help our in raising new sponsors and or funds to keep our program alive and well.

We have created material to help everyone spread the word. Please feel free to scrape material from our website and modify it for your own email communications.

We have also have the following material to help you get the message out:

  • Power point presentations (just ask !)

  • Photo and Video Gallery (see this website)

  • A special funding appeal page

Here are some suggestions of groups that provide funding or can help with your fundraiser:

  • Rotary clubs

  • Church groups and church projects

  • Companies

  • GoFundMe (start your own campaign that links back to us)

  • Friends, family, college projects

The benefit that individuals and organizations get from helping to alleviate poverty through eduction are:

  • Tax write-offs

  • Getting to know a new country and child

  • Leaving a legacy

Circulo de Amigas is indebted to all its wonderful sponsors, donors and volunteers. Maybe you know someone who can get just as excited about our program as we are.

So, check out our funding appeal page and let’s get to work!!

If everyone could find 1 new sponsor, we could help so many girls.

For the equivalent of a coffee a day, your sponsorship can put a girl through school.


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