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The Círculo de Amigas Foundation is a grassroots nonprofit supporting girls' education in Nicaragua. We help students acquire the skills and tools needed to improve their lives and empower them to break the cycle of poverty so an entire community can thrive. 


Please consider helping to make a big difference in someone's life by sponsoring a girl today.

“Sponsoring Fatima has brought joy and love to me in so many ways that I never would have expected: from seeing the great work that CdA is doing in Jinotega to meeting and getting to know several of the students there. Fatima is now 21 — 2 years into a 5-year nursing degree. When she graduates, I plan to be there, knowing that my husband and I have helped in a small way change someone’s life for the better.” –Millie

Educational Scholarships - Personalized Tutoring

Life Skills Workshops - College Counseling

Lending Library - Computer Lab



Some people ask why we focus on girls. Research shows that an extra year of primary school can boost a girls’ eventual wages by 20%. An extra year of secondary school adds 25%. Girls who stay in school for seven or more years typically marry four years later and have two fewer children. 

If we can educate girls and young women, the chances of economic success skyrocket, and you give hope and relief to not only to their families, but to entire communities.

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